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Simple White Paper

🔹Current SUPPLY 10,000,000 TSK 000,000,000 TSK, Initial supply. Initiated supply subjected to change in terms of first ICO circulation and total members of TSK tokens.
🔹 Allocation of the initial supply as follow:
     🔹17% AIRDROPS.
     🔹15% Community activities. And AIRDROP backup.
     🔹3% loyal members.
     🔹15% Team if Applicable.
     🔹50% Presale, And on owner (ME) reservation.
🔹 Initial Coin Offering (ICO), will start when Members over 100.
🔹( TSK TOKENS ) Based on social nor even on individuals by the mean of TASK, For Tasks that help individuals in person, or groups of individuals, or projects.
🔹( KYC ) not applicable, A TOKEN for everyone to use. Reference to band 4
🔹ICO starts on fixed price of 0.0002$. UP to 8 phases in terms of 2 months of each phase and a period of 1 month between each phase. And price raise of 1000% after each phase to phase 4 price increasing percentage lowers to 200% for phase 5, 150% for phase 6, 133.35% for phase 7, 125% for phase 8
🔹1st phase 0.0002$ - 2nd phase 0.002$ - 3rd phase 0.02$ - 4th phase 0.2$ - 5th phase 0.4$ - 6th phase 0.6$ - 7th phase 0.8$ - 8th phase 1$
🔹 Another tokens for release in support of TSK will initiated once applicable.
🔹 During ICO TSK can be used on @cctip_bot Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Reddit. And on @MintSLPBot Telegram and other platforms if available.
🔹Eligibility for minting; TRUE.
🔹First minting will start after 8 months of last ICO finished.
🔹Minting to backup ICO are not attached to public minting Offering (PMO).
🔹Airdrop conducting of 8 phases. Rescheduled from Phase 3 each Phase will be divided to 3 Rounds, each Phase Round constructs of periods of times. And a Number of members. If not met further announcements will be announced on official group channel.
🔹The burn events will take effect if necessary, but as a token owner will try avoid such event at all costs.

💠 Press Release Note: The final SIMPLE WHITEPAPER will be officially released when ICO - and all EVENTS related to TASK TOKEN (TSK) ENDS, as a prediction date will be on October 10th 2022; this release to stay transparent to the community of TSK TOKEN and to let community on the trial of TASK TOKEN (TSK), progression. (Any updates new Adds/Removes to the SIMPLE WHITEPAPER WILL be announced shortly after an event takes place.