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5 Apr 2021

CcS Blockchain showing it's LIGHTS

This Article is to bring the CcS blockchain soft launch to blockchain enthusiasts and all whom in concern with the blockchain and CcS Coin, and published with the latest updates of the soft release of CcS blockchain, CcS Core Wallet, and CcS Muxebv webWallet. Please Read the full Article to know more about CcSblockchain and CcS Coin.

The CcS Blockchain is simplified for everyone and allows its users to publish new content on the blockchain directly via the Smart Contracts functions, which is not necessarily to have any technical background with the Ccsblockchain everything is simple and ready to go, from the ease to stake, to the ready to be deployed contracts, with CcS Blockchain everyone everywhere can start, build, develop something on the blockchain, not to forget everyone will be able to digitize Like making NFT"s (Nonfunguble Tokens) , Digital elements,.............etc.

CcS Blockchain is a (PoS) Prof of Stake based blockchain that allows users to Stake their CcS Coins to solve and validate blocks and transactions on the Ccsblockchain and earn passively by the staking process. 

🔗 Ccsblockchain is a great place to start on chain activities management.
The use case of Ccsblockchain similar to other blockchains, with a simpler approach to on Chain features,
    ●Send and Request, Receive Transactions.
    ●Check out the Transactions.
    ●Transactions & chain Data all stored on the blockchain. 
    ●Deploy on Chain features functions. 
Simpler Approach and ease of use Solution, with CcSBlockchain that achieved.
Achieved to solve common known problems and issues within the Blockchains, 
Cutting the edge of the high transactions fees and the complications of the high fees on contracts deployments. With CcSBlockchain no need to worry about calling a complicated smart contract transaction. 
the ease of managing contacts to send and receive transactions in between with a simpler method to manage contacts by phone or email or even by wallet addresses. 
No Coding needed no hard data functions or Coding languages needed deploy smart contracts on smart chain easily managed by a simpler UI and language. 
Technical Supports Available 24/7 from the written technical support steps to follow-up with each on chain features to the live tech support available.
Solving the technical difficulties that everyone can use the features of blockchains with the ease of clicks.
Managing Assest with the ease of alphabets, amounts, new, old, and or high and low prices
Swapping Assets and storing Assets with the ease of mind between all Ccsblockchain Users, store your Assets safely or put it on a swap order and wait for your assets to be exchanged by another Ccsblockchain user. 
Marketing is coming in as an easy function, Advert your project to all Ccsblockchain users with the ease of a click, send Airdrops or send rewards with ease by Smart Contracts deployments. 
Solving the slow processing by the fast transaction 10,000+ transaction in ONE second that means 660,000 TRANSACTIONS In 1 minute 
A peer to peer, person 2 person UTXO data transfer the safiest way that most of the Blockchains available use to send transactions between each other and between other users by contributing as validators to execute on chain transactions, including to the P2P to secure the Ccsblockchain, enabling multiply virtual machines like ethereum VM and X86 VM that will enable most of CPU users to use the Ccsblockchain with the ease of mind. 
The ease of use to projects to create and deploy tokens/coins Smart Contracts, building on the web3 and the ease of deploying a dapp and managing dapps, the dapplication is the solution. 
 10,000+ transactions per 1 second, INSTANT Transactions in milliseconds.

📶 When the Ccsblockchain will be available for the public it will serve as many as how the public needs to have a blockchain without and less of the known problems, the Ccsblockchain itself is already fully functioning and on testing mode by the team, that revealed it will be available for public in the nearest time possible. Already fully functional and on testing mode that shows only one small display bug that is very minor and easy to solve. Note that there are No technical problems reported or any on chain problems reported.
🏧 The CcS Wallets also are ready and all functions without any problems reported, the Core Wallet CPU version of the wallet are done developed and already on the use of the team, the Web Wallet also done developed and already on the use , the Mobile Phone Wallets is on developing mode and will be ready on the next few months ahead. The link to Core Wallet and Web wallet

🛸 The Explorer Already finished From developing and already on the use by the team, and many from loyal users to new members, the link to the Ccsblockchain Explorer.

🤖 The CcSTip and Trade bot is yet to be released but the team have assured to reveal the updates very soon. 

Author: hubbytuby

26 Nov 2020

TSK TOKEN TIMING MINING [Mashing TSK will be available soon] ⏳Time Mashing Rate⛏️

The Great news is that Everyone will be able to MASH (MINE) TASK (TSK) TOKEN. Based on TimingRate (Mashing Rate). Which is all way profitable and guarantee a high return on TSK TOKEN.

Besides TSK TOKEN Mashing, there will be Crypto Mining with 2 major plans, Mining to pools with various of public mining pools & algorithms All you have is to set your pool information rent Hashrate and watch your pool progress with hashrate set, Also as a mining plans that will support a wide range of plans and mining events.

17 Nov 2020

What's? #Defi

#DEFI what's? Defi!
Defi is a DECENTRALISED EXCHANGE WITH FAST INTEGRATION, how is that?! As a decentralised exchange it's public and under an open source ommition, that supports the fastest way to integrate the source code of a Coin/Token by it's very unique and special use CONTRACT ADDRESS.

✓ Defi is a swap exchange, Defi is a Public trading platform!
As anyone with the experience to make the right decision to when to execute an order, Buy/ or Sell, to a big, wide, with a variety of kind of people with a variety of trading thoughts, ideas, decisions and investments experiences, Defi is a swap, exchange, and a trading platform. Make sure to have the full experience, and keep fee's always on consideration, as fee's will be on your top of your calculations, that it's a follow to the network platform that Defi sourced to.

✓ Defi is a yield farm!
Sure it's not, and sure there too many will say I'm wrong, but still it's not! How? is that possible. To correct that, the correct way to say that is (Defi is a farm to yield from). As a market that contains risk, always keep that sense of risk to what have real risk to, it's easy to say Defi is a yield farm which is not. and it's much easier to say Defi is a farm to yield from.

✓ Defi is a Decentralanding pool!
it's something not far from a pool, of course not a swimming pool, but a cryptocurrency related pools,(Mining pools). When it comes to participating on tokens pairs pools, it's something much alike.

✓ Defi is a fast Assets transforms,
Sure to transform an asset to another form of an asset it's fast as much as check pooled tokens, amount to transform, approve token, transform token, your token on other form on your wallet, no centerland, no third-party, no middlemen. it's a feature with no risk, the only risk is the network fee's, the slippage percentage, and the movement on transform pairs. Not to forget to mention the centralised exchanges are still the old way the best way to feel the profession of an executed market trade, and sometimes it's worth the wait, but for a fast secure, check, approve, click and go with a little small risk that not to mention #Defi is a solution.

✓ Defi is a contributed assets margin investments!
Sure to participate on a pool by adding your tokens pairs on a pool, it's similar to when you setting your assets on a margin investment plan, the difference is on margined investments you choose the percentage to stop the orders if it was on risk of lose or gain, and to execute the orders on last settled percentage to a price that might be on a high risk of way to much factors, on #Defi pool you similarly adding your token pairs to a pool or creating your token pairs pool, setting the slippage percentage of the price that unfavorablly changed and time to consider the order out dated, which is better as it's one way stop when price change is unfavorable, also that will act like the trigger's on the margined investments but on the margined investments the orders will be executed no matter what, and then the position will be closed permanently and will defer on loss or gains to the position.

✓ Defi is an ease of a chain complexity.
the complexities of the chains is simply the blocks, and that's not my subject, but how's #DEFI easing the chain complexity? Let me say it in one easy step! Let's consider that each COIN/TOKEN on (for example Ethereum blockchain) is a block, and #DEFI is the platform that managing the chain, while each COIN/TOKEN have to be sorted out like how the Blockchain sorting out each Block, it's simple as that. The Blockchain sorting blocks by the variety of hashes (Hash Numbers) which is unique to each transaction, and #DEFI sorting each COIN/TOKEN by the variety of Contracts (Contract Addresses) which is unique to each Coin/Token.

AUTHOR: Hubbytuby

13 Nov 2020

PayPal supports Cryptocurrency

It's a thing that too many have been waiting for, and for me I wasn't unexpecting such event, that the giant on the international money transfer and secure payments issuer will not affiliate and support the digital currencies.

Basically the news and media were publishing about the possibility and how some news was leaked from the former at PayPal that Cryptocurrencies will be available on PayPal App back on October.

Couple of weeks ago PayPal have issued a statement to the press news that they will support Cryptocurrency for PayPal users to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies.

And on last day there were still influencers sharing and publishing about it everywhere, that there were no social media. I've visited hasn't contained or published about it.

Today All the news and social media were sharing that PayPal have effectively support cryptocurrency, and sharing how it looks from inside the App, tippically Almost all the users are from the US, who announced and shared the big, great, and good news to the world of crypto. And on hope to bring the release of the update to thier App and website, to the people All around the world very soon.

12 Nov 2020

Is it a Bitcoin bull run or a Bitcoin Bull bear

Bitcoin have reached 16K$ by today will Bitcoin reach 20K$ by next week?

similar to what happened back in 2017, when BTC reached 20K$ and lasted for several days and then went back to 6K$ and it took around several other years to gain it's bull points to reach a variety on price between 9K$ to 10K$.

Is it a bull season, that will end soon. by the variety of market consumption, volume, trade volume, bulliers, bearers, ...etc

or it's a bull run that will last much longer?

who knows it's a prediction life. What coin is the next BTC?

who knows it's a cryptocurrency life. Maybe TASK (TSK) TOKEN is the next BTC or one of the coins on the big market.

11 Nov 2020

MINDS #technology #freespeech 

Minds is one of the most reliable communication and soicality platform on the new era, specially when it's related to Cryptocurrency and blockchain.

I'm new to the platform and it's my first day to start surfing and searching each and every channel, button, link, that are all filled with a great of contents and sources. From every field related to our daily life you can find contents to learn something new daily.

Link to