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What is the project details?

All details can be found HERE. Refer to the three Pages that will answer your questions Road Map, Simple White paper, Faqs Page. Also I encourage you to go around the website and find out more about the Project, updates, Airdrops, and ongoin Events. And if there is still any information are needed to be explained feel free to contact with me on the Contact & About us Page.

Are you the CEO at tasktoken project?

Yes, I'm the CEO, OWNER, and FOUNDER. Please refer to the Contact and about us to Connect with me anytime.

Who is the founder of this project?

As an Owner, CEO, Founder all is me.

When Your ICO is starting?

ICO started 15th October 2020.

You can find all ICO Related information and dates STARTS AND ENDS HERE.

Is TASK (TSK) TOKEN project the same one on the Ethereum blockchain?

Not the same at all if you have searched quietly, and saw that the project on Ethereum blockchain have a different name. That have no means to this Project by any ways.

TASK (TSK) TOKEN. Is A SimpleLedger (SLP) Token version of the BitcoinCash (BCH) Blockchain.

( TSK TOKENS ) Based on social nor even on individuals by the mean of TASK, For Tasks that help individuals in person, or groups of individuals, or projects.

Is this project a community based project?

The project is my own invention my own view of the future of the Cryptocurrency, Tokenization, digital currency, A Cryptocurrency Shop Market (Crypto Various Market - BH (Buy&Hodl) Market, the Ongoin events and Upcoming events, the support of all major coins and tokens.

And I support it by 100% to put on work to GO successful, as well that in my consideration that the community are another 100% to GO successful. which means if we put 100% + 100% it's 200% for the project to BE successful.

Why there is no any announcement about your project on any news media?

My project is still on the 1st phase and not yet on second month.

So media will know about my project when it's time and by the support of the community for sure they will know.

As well the project airdrop already listed on ICO MARKS as well on some media related to cryptocurrency.

I think you have not allocated any marketing budget for the project?

Not on my project schedule yet.

The fact is that I want the project to be enthusiasly supported by the community at first and that process will take some time, all my schedules for the events that related to marketing and promoting are subject to my schedule of process.

U know advertisment is important before any event?

It's important but more important to me, is to follow up with my schedule

In which exchange TASK (TSK) TOKEN listed?

TSK TOKEN is listed on for now. With 4 major Pairs ETH, USDT, TRX, and DOGE.

What is your next plan? which exchange you want to go after

the is a special listing that I want the community to be enthusialy engaged with the project, and all plans for listing are subjects to the events and ICO to end successful.

I wanna work with your project as a community supporter or admin?

For now there are no available positions but in the future I may get back to you.

But if you want to support you're welcome to benefit on submition and approvals.

Okay i can do it, and support, but will you Pay for it?

Sure on tsk token all payments done.


A Few Lines about the Future for (TSK) TASK TOKEN

The future is bright, with TASK (TSK)Β TOKEN the future is ahead the present is on our hands. Every thing was studied for a long term, I've been putting more than 12 years of crypto currency thinking and experience on the making of TASK (TSK) TOKEN.Β 

TASK (TSK) TOKEN, is a name with a purpose, a name with a mean. A name with a great making of a crypto currency.

The RoadMap is bright how is the future is bright.

If the RoadMap won't convince you to take a step and join the bright future of TASK (TSK) TOKEN and the must convince way for the make and use of crypto currency, it's unknown what it could be.